At Yoga Place we offer both online booking and drop in options for all our classes

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Class Prices for London

Off-Peak classes | Mon-Fri from 8am to 6pm (excluding Bank Holidays)
Drop-in price: £10 (no concessions)
Off Peak class pass: £85 for 10 classes – valid for three months

Peak classes | Mon-Fri from 6pm to 9pm plus weekends & Bank Holidays
Drop-in: £13 / £12 concession (students, seniors, NHS)
Peak class passes:  £66 for 6 classes, valid for two months
£100 / £90 concession for 10 classes, valid for three months
£190 for 20 classes, valid for three months

Pregnancy classes | Tues & Thurs 10am-11.15am / Weds 6.30pm-7.45pm / Sat 9am-10.15am
Drop-in price: £12 / £11 concession (students, NHS)
Pregnancy class passes: £100 / £90 concession for 10 classes | valid for SIX months from date of first class booked (not from date the class pass was purchased so can be bought in advance or as a gift for a mum-to-be). If you do not use all the classes before you go into labour, please contact the studio at and we will freeze your card and transfer the remainder to a regular off-peak class when you are ready to join classes again.

PLEASE NOTE | Important information on your class pass

  • All class passes are valid from the date of the first class booked and not from the date of purchase – which means you can always buy your class pass in advance.
  • Unfortunately we cannot refund class passes, though you may transfer them to another student by arrangement with Yoga Place.
  • Class Passes can be extended for a period of ONE month from the existing expiry date for the fee of £10 –  however this will need to be done in person at the studio and is not an available option online.  Once a class pass has expired it cannot be extended.
  • Class Passes can be frozen for a period of ONE month or more but only prior to the class pass expiry date.  This arrangement can be done with Yoga Place staff over the telephone, email or in person at the desk.  Unfortunately this cannot be done by the student themselves via their Teamup account.


PRE-BOOKING CLASSES IS NOW AVAILABLE – SIGN UP TO TEAMUP | TeamUp is our online booking system which allows you to easily pre-book and pay for your classes in advance, as well as purchasing class passes and tracking your attendance. You can join Teamup by clicking the class you want to attend on the interactive timetable above and following the steps to create a new account.

Please note that we are unable to give you a refund for any pre-booked classes cancelled less than 24 hours before the class starts.  In addition, if you pre-book a class online and do not arrive by the time the class starts we may give your space away to someone else on the waitlist and will not be able to offer you a refund.

WE ARE STILL A DROP-IN STUDIO which means that you do not have to use the online booking system to attend our classes.  You can still come by the studio prior to the class and drop-in and pay cash/card as always.

We deliberately limit the pre-online booking for each class to 10 spaces – so that there is always spaces left for students to drop-in.   Please arrive in good time if you haven’t pre-booked to ensure you get a space. We have a lovely reception area where you can relax before your class and help yourself to chai tea, biscuits and water.

STUDIO OPENING TIMES | The studio opens 30 minutes BEFORE Off-Peak daytime classes and 45 minutes BEFORE Peak evening & weekend classes.  The studio then remains open for 30 minutes AFTER a class starts.

If you miss us or have an enquiry please contact us via email at or telephone on 020 7739 5195

Please note we are unable to offer free trial classes at Yoga Place E2.