Teacher: Maren Weege

Time: 16:30-19:00 | Saturday 14th October | Saturday 9th December

Cost: £70 per couple | £35 per person/£30 per person concession

… Birth and beyond

Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different and no birth is the same. So how to prepare for labour, birth and beyond?

In this workshop, we will playfully and mindfully explore options to meet labour and birth as well as the immediate postpartum period in an empowered and individual way. The workshop caters to the needs of both the mother-to-be and the (birth) partner.

We will talk about stages of labour and birth and what possibilities there are to meet them with breath and sound, resting positions and movement, visualisations and affirmations, relaxation and meditation – and why and when these can be useful. By changing roles, partners will get the chance to feel into what it is like to give as well as receive support. In short: we’ll have some fun together. As an induced labour is a possibility, we will also touch upon the different dynamics of a natural birth vs an induced birth and how to be present with the different challenge.

The immediate postpartum period of 6 weeks is sometimes called the 4th trimester of pregnancy. We will touch upon simple practices for postnatal nurture, healing and support that can make all the difference for mother, baby and partner.

Any questions around birth are welcome because they enrich the fabric of the workshop and make it specifically relevant to those attending.

My intention as the space holder is to empower and support you in the choices you make regarding the birth of your baby. I share information but refrain from giving advice as I am aware that it is not my place to tell you what is best for you. I am looking forward to working with you!

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