Please find a full list on the treatments that are offered through the Yoga Place Therapy Room.

Bookings are made directly with the therapist, so please contact them on the number or email provided!

Yoga Place Therapy and Treatment Room

If you are a therapist looking for a room to rent out on a daily 9am to 5pm or 1/2 day basis 5pm to 9pm please contact


Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Enjoy Sound Therapy with Ling Mann, to check availability and to book an appointment, email Ling directly on

Sound Therapy:

Vibrational Therapy with Himalayan singing bowls is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational resonance that helps reduce stress, alleviate pain and/or anxiety, thus bringing harmonious balance back to body as well as the mind.  The various tonal frequencies of the hand-crafted bowls creates rising and falling rhythms –  tonalities to harmonic attunement of your own internal frequencies by shifting any energetic blockages and re-harmonising your Subtle Energies, improve circulation and functioning of your organs.  You’ll feel deeply calm, grounded thoroughly relaxed, peaceful, yet light and spacious.

“I had a wonderful, healing session with Ling.  The massage was great. And how she uses the bowls is extremely powerful.  It  brought me squarely back to my body and the present after an accident. My energy and focus vastly improved afterwards.” ~ Amy.

Investment: £70/hr.

Availability: 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at Yoga Place.  Other days and times possible – email: to arrange appointment.