Yoga for bumps, birth and baby

Welcome to a totally unique yoga studio in East London, where we are dedicated to all things bumps and babies! Here we will take you through your pregnancy to your child becoming a toddler with yoga from your 2nd trimester to postnatal recovery, including Birth Preparation, Hypnobirthing, Baby Massage, as well as a wonderful selection of therapies and a lot of fun on the way!

Did you know… women who have practiced yoga during labour tend to:

  • Instinctively take care of their backs
  • Be more mobile during contractions
  • Are able to stand for longer periods helping the dilation of the cervix
  • Have more strength and stamina to manage labour

Also, the natural tendency during labour is to find a dark place to retreat to, which is not always possible in a hospital environment however, yoga helps you to take yourself into a safe place internally, focusing on breath and using visualisation.  This is why we recommend that you come to Pregnancy classes, so you are equipped with the natural tools you have to birth your baby!

You are welcome to join any of the Pregnancy Classes from 12 weeks, before then REST, BREATHE, PUT YOUR FEET UP as you are creating a life and growing an extra organ (the placenta) during this time so you want to take it easy! You can then look forward to starting your practice once you are in your second trimester.

New mums are welcome to join Mum & Baby Yoga and the Baby Massage classes as and when, we will never turn you away, not even if you rock up in your pjs! We will look after you and make sure you get a bit of TLC too!

£10 Pregnancy & Postnatal Classes

That is just £10 for Tuesday 5.15pm, Weds 6.30pm, Sat 9am Pregnancy & the 10.30am Postnatal and Tuesday and Thursday 10am Pregnancy Classes!

Mum & Baby is just £8.50 for your class and tea & cake to follow!

Come and enjoy a beautiful practice which carries you through your pregnancy from 12 weeks to term and beyond, helping to ease any niggles, prepare you for labour with strength, stamina, breath and relaxation and helps to heal and restore postnatally! A great place to meet other mums, have fun with your bumps and babies, share your journey and indulge in some you time all finished off with a deep relaxation and biscuits!

Teacher: Lisa White

Yoga Place Baby class


Cranio Sacral Therapy for pregnancy, mothers and babies

With Jane Bennett

Every Thursday from 10am to 4pm. Please make your booking direct with Jane on 0781 5731695 or

Cranio sacral therapy can help in many ways. During pregnancy it settles the nervous and hormonal system, supports the bodies physical changes and gives a space for quiet time and reflection for the babies growth inside.

Babies might come to assist with early feeding problems including colic, reflux and allergies, torticollis, sleep patterns, fretfulness and calming of their nervous system after birth.

For more detailed information on CST please look at my website
I qualified as a CST in 2006 from the College of Craniosacral therapy in London, and I am a member of the association. I have also postgraduate training in working with pregnant women, mothers and babies. I am a mother of 2 children.

I shall be working from the yoga place on Thursdays between 10am and 4 pm.
1hour treatments are £50

If you would like to discuss the treatment further please feel free to call or email or take a look at my website.
0781 5731695