Teacher: Amanda Wright



Yin Yoga Workshops every third Sunday of the month & each month includes a different Yin flavour, see below…

Yin Yoga helps to increase agility, flexibility and mobility in our joints, within their natural range of motion.  Holding shapes for time nourishing the connective tissue.  Working at your appropriate edge for that day.  This workshop includes a 20-minute guided meditation.

All workshops are suitable for all levels except complete beginners.  There are many props available to help support your practice.

Yin Yoga Workshop Focusing on Meridian/Energy Lines

Sundays, 2.30pm to 5.30pm, 21st May, 16th July, 17th September, 19th November // £30 (£25 Concessions)~ 3-hour yin workshop focusing on either the Kidney & Urinary Bladder, Liver & Gall Bladder, Spleen & Stomach or Upper Body Meridians (Heart, Lung and Intestines. These workshops will focus on and include information on how to stimulate and nourish these electro-magnetic pathways through the shapes you make with the body, and lifestyle such as diet, whilst working with various mindful practices to bring about the possibility of staying with what is moment by moment and breath by breath.

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2 Hour Yin Yoga Workshops – Pure Yin

Sundays, 3pm to 5pm, 18th June and 15th October // £20 (£15 Concessions) ~ These workshops will work with various mindfulness practices, exploring the possibility of nourishing the energy body and strengthening the mind, whilst not forcing, fixing or fabricating continually drawing yourself back to the now, what is exploring an attitude of relaxation, stability and clarity.  (Calm abidance)

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2 Hour Silent Yin Yoga Workshops

Sundays, 3pm to 5pm, 20th August and 17th December // £20 (£15 Concessions) ~ Apart from a short introduction this workshop will be lead in silence.  Allowing you the possibility of tuning in, drawing your attention inwards.  Listening feeling, connecting with your experience, cultivating an attitude of acceptance and potential to be with what is, moment by moment, breath by breath through enquiry and curiosity.

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