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Christmas Yin Yang Yoga Evening

Christmas Yin Yang Yoga Evening

Teacher: Amanda Wright

Date and Time:

Cost: A Christmassey Special Price of £15 (£10 concessions) for two hours of Yoga

Date: Monday 22nd December

Come join Amanda for a Pre Christmas Eves Ev of Yin and Yang Yoga on Monday 22nd for 2 hours of this fantastic practice, to sooth you from the Christmas parties and endless shopping expeditions and to prepare you for the festivities ahead. Late enough to join if you are still at work or out having lunch, and because there are no other classes you can relax and indulge and enjoy a cuppa and a mince pie after.

The Yang and Yin yoga practices are strengthening and challenging in different ways.  Starting with the Yang practice, it is dynamic, more fluid, as we move through various Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskars), developing a core strength and mobility, including various postures (asanas).  Then moving into the Yin practice, having settled the mind and the nervous system enough to begin the slow steady and often stationary practice with a sense of core softness and surrender.

Suitable for all levels except complete beginners.

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