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NEW: The Mechanics of Inversions

Teacher: Nathalie Mukusheva

Date and Time:

Cost: £30 / £25 concessions


The focus of this workshop is to learn the building blocks necessary to safely invert the body. Nothing lasting is built on a shaky foundation. In order to conquer the fear factor which is the most common stumbling block in mastering these poses one must first understand what you are asking the body to do.

This three hour workshop will start with a full body warm up moving through every joint and muscle in the body so you are fully warmed up. We will then go through conditioning exercises to strengthen the wrists, shoulders, upper back and core before moving through a range of inversions lying down, with props and the wall building blocks step by step so by the time you perform the inversion the body has developed some muscle memory of how the pose will feel so there is a sense of familiarity which brings more stability. Inversions take time to conquer but can be tremendously empowering if you are patient and willing to go through the steps.

This workshop is suited to the beginner to intermediate level student.

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