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NEW: Finding Sattva

Teacher: Sybille Pouzet

Date and Time:

Cost: £25/£20 concessions

A complete practice to rebalance, relax, energise and restore body and mind.

Sattva is that sweet spot when we feel steady, calm, peaceful but also alive and alert.

In vedic philosophy “Sattvika” (pure) sits between “Rajasika” (excitable) and “Tamasika”(indifferent).

In this workshop, we will explore how to find a “sattvic” state of mind and body, finding the fine balance between effort and ease, overstimulation and lethargy, anxiety and depression to reach a state of deep peace.

You will be lead through a carefully designed practice of balancing pranayama exercises, mindful slow vinyasa flow and restorative sequences to allow harmony to arise.

A well balanced practice.

Cultivating sattva on the mat will encourage us to find that sweet spot in all areas of our lives…

Open to all levels and the workshop will end with tea and treat!

Book Online

Come join Sybille Saturday 25th April, 2.30pm to 5pm.