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Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation

Teacher: Roxanne Halsey

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Cost: £20 | £15 concessions

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How often do you truly give yourself time to relax and replenish? These days, we often rush through life with never-ending to-do lists and rarely take a moment to replenish our spent energy. 

This 2 hour workshop will begin with gentle yoga postures to warm up and open the body, then move into supported restorative poses which will be held for minutes at a time to allow the body to release back into its true alignment. It will finish with a guided yoga nidra practice to bring about peace and calm to a tired body and busy mind. Yoga nidra is a powerful technique derived from the tantras that is used to achieve deep relaxation. The practice is a journey through various stages, including: rotation of awareness, visualisations, and mindfulness of the body and breath.  Students with all levels of experience are welcome, including beginners, practitioners with injuries or pre & post-natal students. 

‘Having been out of practice for a while I found Roxanne’s approach perfectly pitched to cater for my needs. Her manner was professional throughout and she combined her training and skills as a Yoga practitioner with a programme of breathing and mindfulness that left me in a state of deep relaxation and reflection… Her ease of delivery, warmth, open-heartedness and passion shone through. It was just what I needed to help me re-focus and reflect on my own needs regarding future plans.’
~ Testimonial from a workshop attendee