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Align & Flow with Grace

Teacher: Uossy

Date and Time:

Cost: £25 / £20 concessions

When we’re flowing in class, it’s often difficult to break vinyasa and discuss safe alignment. Over time  – through repetitive movement and lack of awareness – we begin to pick up bad habits in movement that can lead to injury. This 2 hour workshop is designed to give you the confidence to be able to practice with precision and grace.

Through demonstration, discussion and play, this workshop will empower you with fundamental alignment concepts on how to keep your body safe – whether you are practicing in ashtanga or dynamic vinyasa classes, or on your own.

We will discuss the importance of linking breath with movement, explore breathing techniques in relation to the respective bandhas, and examine positioning of key areas including the shoulders, lower back and feet as they relate to the sun salutations, fundamental standing & seated sequence postures and headstand. Common misalignments will be also be considered, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how these principles can help you develop and enhance your practice; with greater awareness and confidence in your body.

A brilliant place to start for those new to yoga, but also a great for more experienced students who would like to deepen and refine their practice. An opportunity for us to learn and flow together, and most definitely have some fun!

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