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Partner Yoga One Day Immersion

Partner Yoga One Day Immersion

Teacher: Ieva WildLoveBeamer

Date and Time:

Cost: £60 per person / Concessions £50 OR £100 for two / Concessions £80 OR £140 for two including the Partner Yoga Taster on Saturday 26th April / Concessions £130 INCLUDES A LIGHT LUNCH & TEA

This Partner Yoga Immersion is specially designed to acquaint yourself with the principles of this new generation ‘social’ type of yoga. This workshop is divided into two sessions: Morning Session and Afternoon Session. Morning Session will build into a more dynamic Afternoon Session. All levels welcome to both as the first part will be a natural progression to a more dynamic second part. In between the two parts, we will break for lunch at the local cafes (optional).
We will be practising Partner Yoga Sequences, Interactive Meditations, Breathing Exercises and Thai Massage. In the afternoon, we will slowly move into a learning more Advanced Yoga poses such as head and handstands and basics of Acro Yoga. Don’t be intimidated by yoga poses that you think are too advanced for you. You will be encouraged a playful manner in learning. Gradually, you will notice that you can do poses that seemed impossible before.

Ieva is a senior Sun Moon Partner Yoga Trainer and a devoted yoga teacher. She facilitates community focused yoga classes and dance workshops, at a wide range of events and festivals both in London and internationally, specialising in Community, Partner Yoga, and Women’s Yoga.

The intention behind Ieva’s work is to create a sense of belonging and union through playful, physical movement and self-expression in a safe environment, incorporating her academic (Psychology & Transpersonal Counselling) and esoteric knowledge creating fun, spontaneous and heart-warming experiences to support individuals to open up to the wonder of life. Ieva is based in London and works with clients internationally.

Partner yoga was a beautiful, enriching experience. Working with a partner enabled me to go deeper into poses than I thought I could, and in those intense stretches I experienced endorphin rushes like never before. More importantly, making physical contact with another person in a trusting, open hearted way made me recognise the importance of touch, and how alienated we are from this basic need. Ieva is a beautiful, sparkling beam of light, full of love and enthusiasm. Her open heartedness brought so much to the course. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher, and I plan to attend a lot more of her sessions in the future.


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