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Join us in 2016

Sunday 31st January – Conference for Ashtanga Students – Free event

Saturday 6th February – Yoga & Meditation

Sunday 7th February – Family Yoga Playshop AND Restorative Yoga

Saturday 13th February – Core Strength for Inversions

Sunday 14th February – Yin Yang Yoga

Saturday 20th February – Birth Prep: Yoga for Labour AND FeetUp Introduction

Sunday 21st February – Interactive Yoga & Thai Massage

Saturday 27th February –

Sunday 28th February – Beginners Yoga Workshop

Saturday 5th March – Yoga & Meditation

Sunday 6th March – Family Yoga Playshop

Saturday 12th March – Create a Self Practise

Sunday 13th March – Restorative Yoga

Saturday 19th March – A Balancing Act – Achieving Ease and Grace in Standing Balances

Sunday 20th March –  Interactive Yoga & Thai Massage AND Ashtanga Yoga Workshop [details to follow]

Good Friday 25th March –

Saturday 26th March –

Sunday 27th March –

Bank Holiday Monday 28th March – Yin Yoga


chatting in a Yoga Place workshop

Core Strength for Inversions

Teacher: Rich D'Amarou

Date and Time:

Cost: £25 / £20 concessions

Join Rich D’Amaru for a 2 hour exploration and fresh perspective of a world turned upside down. Suited for ALL LEVELS and experience.

You will learn how to approach inversions safely and confidently. Headstands, forearm balance, and handstands will all be covered in depth,as well as tools to take into all of the arm balance practices. Through a series of asanas and dynamic movement, we will unlock a deeper understanding of proper skeletal alignment and recruitment of the stabilizer and core muscles to make inversions a much easier task than you may have once thought. Techniques for preparing the wrists and shoulders, falling safely, and supplementary exercises to increase overall strength will accelerate your progress towards the bliss of inversion:

  • Increased blood flow to the brain, improved circulation, and increased immunity
  • Enhances memory, concentration, and mental processing
  • Boosts energy- try a headstand to get through that mid day slump
  • Improves balance,core strength, and spacial awareness
  • Increase confidence to carry out into all aspects of life and take your yoga journey off of the mat.

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