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chatting in a Yoga Place workshop

Ashtanga Yoga as a Spiritual Practice

Teacher: Mark Colleano

Date and Time:

Cost: £30 / £25 concessions

This workshop will include a full Primary Series Led Practice and after a break we will discuss Yoga as a Spiritual Practice.

Ashtanga means eight limbs, referring to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in which the eight stages of Yoga are outlined. We will discuss the eight limbs in relation to the practice, both in its physical and spiritual nature, to understand how these two aspects are interconnected.

We will also cover:

Brief history of Ashtanga Yoga

Correct breathing and transitions

Different stages in the practice

Developing a personal practice

Tapas and Bhakti and how to apply them to the practice

Opening and closing chants and their meaning.

Students should have some experience in the Ashtanga Yoga system.

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