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Improve Your Vinyasa (Jumping through & jumping back)

Teacher: Ben Lawley

Date and Time:

Cost: £30 / £25 concessions

Do you want to work towards ‘jumping through’ and ‘lifting back’ more smoothly?

Ashtanga yoga postures are linked by a set of flowing movements (vinyasa). Sometimes students have learnt some postures, but feel they can benefit from giving more attention to these transitions – Aspects we can best learn in a workshop where we have more time to explore.

This weekend workshop will give you extra time to focus on building a strong vinyasa. We will practice some postures, but spend valuable extra time working on the movements we use between postures.

We will cover key techniques of the practice that can lead to a smooth flowing vinyasa with a powerful lifting motion:-

  • Using muscular engagement to elevate your body (bandha)
  • Using gaze point to focus on transition to your destination (drishti)
  • Jumping to position the hips correctly
  • Choosing options to suit your individual practice

You will gain understanding of how you can apply these techniques to continue to develop your vinyasa after the workshop.

Beginners are welcome, though students should have done a little Ashtanga (or vinyasa flow / dynamic yoga).

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