Mum and Baby Yoga

This is a fun class for mums & babies

  • Wednesdays, 10.30am at Yoga Place E2

  • Fridays, 11am at Yoga Place Abertawe

This class is about looking are you and baby with lots of lovely Yoga and some serious mum pampering, you can join in, feed or if you really need to sleep!!!… NO FANCY YOGA CLOTHING NEEDED – PJS ARE A TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE ATTIRE, and we know baby makes the rules, so do not rush, panic or stress if you are going to be late!

So when you ready, (it is recommended to wait about 6 weeks after the baby’s birth if you had a vaginal or 8 weeks cesarian labour. If you want to come earlier than these guidelines, please do, though we may ask you hold off on some of the practices, but will ensure you and sat comfortably with refreshments to hand) there will be a brief intro at the beginning of class so the class can be created around you and any particular issues that were raised. We work a lot with pelvic floor strengthening, relaxing shoulders and necks, lower backs, wrists and lots of twists for the tummy, as wells as providing ease to colic, constipation, teething etc for baby! This class is a mix of spending bonding time with your babies over song and yoga for both of you.

We are even brave enough to attempt and mum and baby relaxation! some times it works beautifully and everyone gets to enjoy 15 minutes of quiet time. Other times it is complete bedlam, but we have a lot of fun.

At the end you can enjoy a well earned Tea & Cake over baby chat with other new mums in the class.

WE DO NOT TAKE BOOKINGS FOR OUR CLASSES, which means you do not have to commit to a regular class losing money if you cannot make it, just come, pay on the day and enjoy.

Oh, and please note there is one rule to this class – THERE ARE NO RULES – You can partake, observe, feed baby, change baby, cry, laugh, share, input and demand more cake if you need it and babies are welcome to do their thing!!! cry, scream, chat, laugh, poo, partake or sleep! What ever happens is good with us!

Lisa looks forward to meeting you in class soon and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email on