Moon Days for Morning Mysore

There will be no practice on Moon days for the Early Morning Mysore Classes

(There are still classes on Moon days for the Lunch Time, Evening and the Sunday morning Mysore classes)

Moon Days:                

               FULL MOON            NEW MOON
JAN        Thurs 12th                    Sat 28th
FEB        Sat 11th                          Sun 26th
MAR      Sun 12th                        Tues 28th
APR       Tues 11th                       Weds 26th
MAY      Weds 10th                     Thurs 25th
JUN      Fri 9th                            Sat 24th
JUL       Sun 9th                          Sun 23rd
AUG      Mon 7th                         Mon 21st
SEP       Weds 6th                       Weds 20th
OCT      Thurs 5th                      Thurs 19th
NOV     Sat 4th                           Sat 18th
DEC      Sun 3rd                         Mon 18th

Enjoy your lie ins!