Teacher: Ling Mann

Time: Sundays | 14th January, 11th February, 11th March 2018 | 11am to 2pm.

Cost: £30 (£25 concessions) Due to the nature of this workshop [a lot of lovely props are used for each student] we strongly recommend that you book your place so we can reserve you a mat with all the props you will need! Thank you.

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A monthly 3 hour workshop to restore your body, mind and spirit.

RESTORATIVE Yoga is a passive and deeply therapeutic form of yoga that provides deep rest for tired bodies, relaxation for busy minds and rejuvenation for the entire nervous system by way of strategically positioning props to support and nourish the body down to the cellular level.

Different from more active styles, we will concentrate on surrendering our weight to supports and softening into the stretches. This helps us to relieve the effects of negative stress encountered in daily life, and can be highly beneficial in times of fatigue, illness, and emotional strain. Our focus will be to calm and nurture ourselves on all levels during the class. The conscious relaxation techniques taught can be used outside of the yoga room as well, encouraging us to take our practice off the mat and into the world. These sessions are for all levels including pregnancy and most injuries.

Participants go deep as they are guided with Pranayama (breathing techniques) to help with the detoxification process and be washed with the resonance of selected singing bowls that helps ground you into deep meditative state and shift subtle energies of the energetic body.

This three hour mini-retreat will fly-by and feel like a home-coming to yourself for your Self.

As and when we settle into cooler climes – (months: Nov.-March), it is advisable to bring an extra layer like a fleece top and warm socks. Blankets are provided but if you have a shawl or blanket you’re fond of then bring that along to snuggle in.