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Teacher: Emily Hayward


Cost: £295 for the complete course per couple, £235 concession rate per couple. Price for both Hypnobirthing course & Birth Preparation workshop when booked at the same time £325 per couple.

Three sessions in total on:

August course dates: Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th AND Saturday 29th

November course dates: Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th AND Saturday 21st

Times: Saturdays 2.30pm to 6.30pm / Sundays 11am to 2pm

Cost: £295 for the complete course per couple, £235 concession rate per couple.
Price for both Hypnobirthing course & Birth Preparation workshop when booked at the same time £325 per couple.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is an inspirational antenatal childcare programme. It offers a simple methodology or even philosophy to empower women to have a positive birth experience; the father or partner to take the role of supporter and the baby to be given the best possible start in life.

It has been in the press a great deal recently as the NHS are doing a trial into its effectiveness as midwives are becoming more aware the calm births mothers experience and also, Kate Middleton is reported to have used a form of Hypnobirthing for the birth of Prince George, so you’re in good company.

You will learn an array of techniques including simple self-hypnosis/relaxation, where you will remain completely in control, when the body is relaxed during labour, it tends to progress better and the experience is often more comfortable and enjoyable.

You will learn fear release techniques to overcome any negative feelings you may have about pregnancy/birth or after the baby arrives and it can help mothers to come to terms with a previous traumatic birth.

You will be informed about your choices as a woman giving birth and feel empowered and in control of your body.

The course will be taught to you by mother and daughter team Emily Hayward and Sian Forrest. Sian has had 4 children having a positive experience with each birth. Emily gave birth to Ella Coco on March 4th 2010, using HypnoBirthing. Both are fully qualified Hypnobirthing teachers.

ABOUT EMILY: Emily gave birth to her daughter using Hypnobirthing (the Mongon Method). Emily teaches Hypnobirthing to individual couples and groups and is accredited by the Royal College of Midwifes and the Hypnobirthing Association. She has worked with experienced Hypnotherapists to deepen her knowledge and independent midwifes. She is a member of The Association of Improvement to Maternity Services.

Emily has been teaching yoga for a number of years with a strong focus on breath work and relaxation. She teaches pregnancy yoga and birth preparation workshops at Yoga Place. She also co-teaches the highly successful Beginners Courses.

ABOUT SIAN: Sian is a qualified Hypnobirthing teacher accredited by the Royal College of Midwifes and the Hypnobirthing Association. She has worked with pregnant women and babies for many years, firstly a Mctimoney Chiropractor in England, and more recently at the retreat she ran in the South of France.  She learned cranio-sacral therapy with Dr Carol Phillips and has an ITEC diploma in body massage.  She has also had four babies of her own and now has three grandchildren, Martha, Ella and Tom – the latest (as seen in the photo at one week old!)

Her own birth experiences were good and positive, and she wishes that for everyone. It is the most important time in the life of mother and baby, and has a great impact on the rest of our lives.


Shorter labour: Using the Hypnobirthing techniques can help to shorten the 1st stage of labour and help the mother to feel calmer and more relaxed for the 2nd stage of labour.

Less pain: The techniques teach the mother to deeply relax which eliminates the Fear, Tension, Pain syndrome (Grantly Dick-Read) allowing them to remain calm, comfortable and in control. 40% of HypnoBirthing mothers birth with no pain relief required a further 37% rely on gas and air.

Less interventions: Hypnobirthing mothers are equipped with knowledge and techniques to help resist interventions unless they are really necessary. They feel in control of their bodies and reassured their bodies know what to do.

Best start for baby: Mothers feel much more in control during the pregnancy and the birth. This feeds into the parenting as the baby starts to grow too and they tend to bond well with their babies.

Quicker recovery: Generally post-partum recovery is much quicker for Hypnobirthing mothers. There are less cases of episiotomy in Hypnobirthing and research shows less cases of post-natal depression Happier babies: Hypnobirthing babies are generally calmer, happier, feed well and sleep well. They have been brought into the world gently and they carry this experience with them.

Father’s/partner’s role: The father/partner is very important in Hypnobirthing. He provides a calm, safe space for the mother and baby. This creates a bond for him and the baby and makes him feel empowered at the birth.


Session one

  • Introductions
  • Introduction to Hypnosis
  • Introduction to Hypnobirthing
  • Birth stories from Hypnobirthing families
  • Fear, tension-pain, why labour can hurt and why it doesn’t need to
  • Parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, how fear effects labour
  • How mammals and other cultures birth
  • Importance of father/partner
  • Muscles of the uterus
  • Relaxation breathing technique
  • Up breathing technique
  • Optimal birth position
  • Relaxation scripts
  • Hypnobirthing film

Session Two

  • Nutrition
  • Relaxation and recap up breathing
  • Visualisations for birth
  • Positions for birthing
  • Avoiding episiotomy, perineal massage
  • Down breathing technique, second stage of labour
  • Positions for birthing
  • Avoiding episiotomy, perineal massage
  • Hypnobirthing film

Session Three

  • Baby Bonding relaxation and techniques
  • Looking at your estimated Due Date
  • Preparing for home birth, birth centre or hospital
  • Early signals of labour
  • What are artificial forms of induction and how to avoid them?
  • Natural, drug free ways of inducing labour
  • Deepening techniques
  • Light touch massage
  • Fear release exercise for confidence and power

Session Four

  • The first two stages of labour: what do in each stage
  • Recap on down stage breathing
  • How will I know? What do I need? Questions answered
  • The importance of the birth partner
  • Transfer to hospital or birth centre
  • Third stage labour ذ delivery of the placenta
  • Down stage breathing recap
  • Deep relaxation practice
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Hypnobirthing film

Course may be subject to change.
You will be provided with a copy of Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongon, handouts and a CD which are included in the price.
Course can be started anytime after your 20 week scan.

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Here are a couple of Birth Stories from students who have enjoyed and used to wonderful benefit the tools from this course with Emily & Sian.

I am so happy to tell you Raphael John Cosmo is with us! He was born in a calm and swift birth on 21st October in a midwife practice in Cologne.  Matthew gave me lots of shiatsu and we practiced the breathing and visualisations that you taught us.The midwives said themselves it was a dream birth, and we consider ourselves very lucky and blessed. When Raphael’s head was born he started talking immediately, calmly and not really alarmed in any way. It all seemed easy and natural and I felt empowered and strong throughout. The surges felt like very specific sensations that seem to ease with movement and breath and indeed visualisations, so that I always experienced them bearable. In between first and second stage I had a bit of rest for 15minutes, in which we chatted, took pictures, had sandwiches – it really was quite a joy. And for me a huge surprise when the Anna the midwife said, oh yes the baby will soon be here. I thought I still had quite a few hours to go. I am so grateful that Matthew was there for the birth, and so was my Mum actually – she happened to still be in Cologne. I feel the hypnobirthing course made all the difference. And I feel, its journey continues. I keep using the affirmations and visualisation; even some of the breathing in the daily life with Raphael and it continues to be a joy. Thank you so much! Sara.

And another lovely story…

Ziggy arrived at 1.12am on Tuesday, two weeks early! Thank you so much for all the things you taught us in our hypnobirthing sessions, needless to say we didn’t get much practice in once we got to Oz however the upward and downward breathing techniques and the movements you showed us for during labour worked a treat.

I started having contractions around 3 in the afternoon and thought that they were Braxton Hicks as I still had 2 weeks to go. Believe it or not I still thought this at 9pm when I called the hospital. They said I sounded fine and not to come in. By 11pm contractions were 5 mins apart and getting pretty intense so I called again having to go and throw up half way through the conversation. It was then that my mum got on the phone and told them I hadn’t sat down for 4 hours that they realised I was in labour. By this stage Toby was in bed as he was the only one that thought it might be labour so thought he better prepare and get some sleep.

So we got to the hospital at midnight and I got straight into the shower which was bliss. At some point we moved onto the floor at the end of the bed and Tobes on the bed to support me. And within an hour and a bit he was born. We had an amazing midwife who just let me do my thing. He did have his cord around his neck but she sorted that out really quickly and I was completely unaware. No stitches either.

Again, thank you for everything you taught us. There wasn’t any point that I felt scared or anxious and I’m positive it was down to the hypnobirthing. He is adorable and such a chilled out baby which makes the adjustment much easier.