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Anatomy of the Spine

Anatomy of the Spine

Teacher: Margo Newkirk Grambow

Time: Four Mondays, 31st March, 7th, 14th & 28th April at 6.30pm to 7.45pm

Cost: £44 for the complete 4 week course £37 concessions)

… a new course!!!

A four week course in the Body’s Foundation

Open to all levels of experience

Ever felt the freedom of a well aligned spine? The spine is the first part of the human body to develop in utero. It is the structure that brings us into the upright, the distinguishing factor of our species. And it is an important player in common experiences of chronic pain or tension. Understanding the spine can offer profound insights into personal health and deepen the experience of one’s yoga practice.

One of the greatest threats to modern health is the office chair. The slouch, bend and crunch of working at a desk can lead the body to states of discomfort which have alarming repercussions for the health of the whole being. So let’s put the power back in your hands.

This series of four Anatomy-based Workshops will offer an introduction to the structure of the vertebral column, the principals of movement in each area of the spine, and its direct relationship with some of the body’s major systems. Not forgetting our yoga roots, we will also look at the relationship of structural anatomy to traditional yoga teachings, including the energetic principles of each area.

Monday, 31st March: Who’s got the Guts? The Lumbar Spine (Low Back) and how it supports The Abdomen
Monday, 7th April: Breathe baby Breathe. The Thoracic Spine (Middle Back) & its relationship to the Ribs, Diaphragm & Lungs
Monday, 14th April: Way back when I could Relax. The Cervical Spine, freeing the Neck and Shoulders
Monday, 28th April: The Power’s in the Pelvis. The Sacrum, connecting the Spine to the Hips

Margot teaches with a keen attention to detail and a curiosity for life and its many stories. She is particularly interested in bringing empirical knowledge (from east and west) and the body’s natural intelligence together in the same room. At Yoga Place she teaches Dynamic Yoga on Monday and Friday Mornings: 7:30am and Gentle Yoga Tuesday Evenings: 7:45pm.

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