Alignment Flow

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Tuesdays, 6.30 to 7.45pm and Sundays, 5.45 to 7.15pm In this class mindful dynamic flow is combined with detailed alignment to give the practitioner a greater sense of body awareness. Combining a strong focus on how breath is used to link movement and the use of props to support and stabilise the student is able to […]

Hatha with FeetUp

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Tuesdays, 11.30am to 12.45pm £8.50 drop in The use of yoga props in Hatha Yoga can open up opportunities for exploration in an asana practice. In this class, we use FeetUp as a stable support for a wide range of postures from seated, standing to inverted. The focus lies on meeting yourself where you are […]

Mother & Baby Pilates

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Starting Monday 13th April, 11am – 12pm, £10 drop in Attending a mother and baby Pilates class with Tina is a fun, social and motivating way to start exercising after childbirth. Connect with other mums and get tailored advice on returning to your pre-pregnancy shape safely and effectively. Let us help make this special time […]

Mum & Toddler Yoga

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Mum & Toddler Yoga (around 18-36 months) This class is for when your baby has become mobile; not necessarily walking yet but crawling already, and when mummy’s body is ready to take a step further in her yoga practice after the delivery of her beautiful baby. These are fun & interactive yoga classes where mummies […]

Flow & Restore

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NEW CLASS STARTING ~ Saturdays 10.30am from 4th January 2014 This class combines active postures & vinyasa flow with restorative yoga, creating an energizing and nourishing balance for body, heart & mind. The dynamic and fluid practices will heat the body and build strength, endurance and flexibility. The quiet, restorative posture will help relax the […]

Postnatal Yoga

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Saturdays 10.30am (this class is part of the Flow & Restore class which is open to everyone wanting a softer healing practice) Post-natal yoga provides opportunities to connect with other women at similar stages of the postpartum experience, a powerful antidote to the isolation that often accompanies early parenting. This specially designed yoga practice helps […]

Gentle Yoga

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Tuesdays 7.45pm to 9pm A great antidote to the forward-moving actions of London life, this class creates a space in which to slow down and tune in to the movements inside the body. A mixture of gentle, flowing sequences, core strengthening and restorative poses, the class will help to open up areas of strain and blockage, […]

Ashtanga Vinyasa

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The most athletic form of yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic, physically demanding, flowing practice. Students will be led through some or all of a set series or postures, practised in a particular order, know as the Primary series. This practice aims to build heat in the body to help it to open and to […]


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These classes follow a vinyasa flow sequences of postures, with elements fused and integrated from various traditions in Yoga.  Particular emphasis is given to detail to the postures, to the bandhas and the breath and style and sequencing can vary from teacher to teacher! The Dynamic practice can be as strong as Ashtanga, but the […]


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“Ha” means sun and “tha” means moon and hatha yoga is about the union of opposites. Hatha yoga aims to harmonise body, mind and spirit. The classes draw on the classical hatha yoga postures which help to build strength and stamina, also focuses on the alignment of the body whilst adding an element of flow. […]