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Wholelife physiotherapy was established with the aim of providing a carefully tailored service that treats each patient as a unique individual. Our aim is to have a real and positive impact, improving the quality and wellbeing of people’s lives. We understand that there’s a co-relation between a healthy body and a healthy mind and problems with one will certainly impact on the other. Our aim is to provide a whole-life solution to your health problems.

We are not into a quick-fix approach whose benefits will likely be short-lived, nor are we advocates of recipe-based treatment. We seek instead to get to the very core of the problem and provide a real long-term solution. However, we’re not going to keep you any longer than you need: at Wholelife we believe in value for money – we’re going to give you the best treatment in the correct amount of sessions. Getting you going, steering you back to a healthy, happy, wholelife. We’re passionate about helping you feel whole again, and want to give you an insight into the care we provide.

Our aim is to provide clients with effective early treatment to help them overcome the problems that are stopping them from getting the most out of their life. From treating an acute ankle sprain to a relieving a long-standing back ache, at Wholelife Physiotherapy we provide effective treatment for numerous conditions, and give the all-important guidance to help you prevent their recurrence.

Through our detailed assessment we can identify the people’s specific problem and offer a tailored treatment program that is right for them, giving them the confidence to get back on track with their life.

Are these problems stopping you from doing the things you want to do?

Examples of Condition We Treat:

• Lower back pain
• Neck pain
• Shoulder problems
• Knee, ankle and foot pain
• Arthritis
• Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
• Work-related injuries
• Muscle tears
• Tendon and ligament problems
• Overuse injuries
• Whiplash injuries
• Post-surgical rehabilitation
• Tennis/golfers elbow