Teacher: Jolien van Haaster

Time: 3p to 5pm Sunday 11th December.

Cost: £25/£20 concessions per person / £45/£40 concessions for 2

You don’t need to come with a partner, unless of course you want to!

AcroYoga is a perfect fusion of acrobatics, yoga and theraputics, in other words its an acrobatic practice carried out with yogic intension.

Through AcroYoga we explore our own balance and the balance we create in the world through relationships with others. Being present and together is really a basic aspect of life that is so often harder than it should be to enjoy!

We are delighted to have guest teacher Jolien van Haaster teaching the December Acro-Yoga Playshop. Get ready for her open heart and loving and positive way of teaching. Before you know you are upside down and you will be hooked for life. This class is for everyone, from beginner to advanced, from young to old. During this class Jolien will guide you trough fun partneryoga sequences, graceful acro-positions and relaxing Thai-massage techniques.

“What I found through AcroYoga was a doorway to my inner child, a way to enjoy contact with other people without needing excuses, a way to jump, climb, dangle, swing and fly in a loving, supportive and trusting group of beautiful and fun humans…

Most importantly of all I learned how to PLAY again, so I’m here to share everything I know and I promise you it will be fun!” – Jolien

All experience and fitness levels welcome.

“Partner yoga was a beautiful, enriching experience. Working with a partner enabled me to go deeper into poses than I thought I could, and in those intense stretches I experienced endorphin rushes like never before. More importantly, making physical contact with another person in a trusting, open hearted way made me recognise the importance of touch, and how alienated we are from this basic need. Ieva is a beautiful, sparkling beam of light, full of love and enthusiasm. Her open heartedness brought so much to the course. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher, and I plan to attend a lot more of her sessions in the future” Yolanda Barker

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